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The Weight of Why

Flaws of diet industry
Have you noticed...

...that even the most popular weight loss and diet programs don’t work? The statistics are abysmal. Among obese men and women, less than 1% are getting down to goal weight… and almost all of those precious 1% are gaining their weight back within a few years. The Weight of Why Mind Mastery program changes all of that.

WOW is not a quick fix, fad or a gimmick.

There are no pills and no powders.  The Weight of Why Mind Mastery Program is a proven, 6week step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch your weight loss journey with precise detail. It will show you exactly what to do every step of the way right down to how to deal with the challenges that inherently come with getting to a right size body and staying there.

Flaws of diet industry
Flaws of diet industry
The Weight of Why goes even further!

It was designed by me, a woman who has lost and gained over 750 pounds in my life. I understand more than you will ever know each and every struggle that comes with finding your right sized body. I have been using my own program now for over a year with proven success. I intimately understand the struggles and challenges so motivation and structure are built into the very fabric of the program. The training is done in groups of not more than 10 people which provides the human connection essential to success. Outreach to me and your buddy are also essential success measures of the program. All of the pieces of this comprehensive system work together to support sustainable weight loss and allow you to live in control and peace with MIND MASTERY.

Let's take this journey together!

I will take you through all the steps of finding your inner motivations and reasons why you want to lose weight, including methods and tactics for dealing with the struggles along the path. But it doesn’t stop there… You also get access to me through Q&A sessions, hot seat calls and weekly coaching calls. You will also have access to all of the tools that I use as a certified life coach to help my one on one clients and all of it is in a very easy to digest format.

In short The Weight of Why is a method, a system and a MIND MASTERY training that can be applied very successfully over and over getting you to your right sized body and keeping you there.

How Does WOW Work?

6 Weeks

Changing how you approach weight loss

Laying the foundation for success

An interactive community to motivate and support you


Your Why

Discover your reasons why

Create a new vision for yourself

Confront and overcome all obstacles


Full Support

Like-minded people who want you to succeed

Motivation and accountability

A compassionate coach to guide you to greater heights


Your Win!

A commitment to yourself to improve your life

A firm foundation to empower you to a better quality of life

A huge boost in your self-confidence and self esteem

Interested? That is Great!