Love yourself first.

My Story

Living the dream in Northern Ontario

I am a coach, leader, educator, chef and trainer living and working in the Parry Sound area of Ontario. I am an entrepreneur at the core with big dreams. I have achieved all of my goals in life to date, but one. I crave wide open spaces in nature. I live on 10 acres of land filled with the most beautiful things in the world, water, nature, every type of tree you can imagine but mostly peace and quiet.

I have travelled the world, but I always come home to the land I love, my sanctuary. It offers me peace and calm. I love nothing more than being in comfortable clothing curled up with Bella the cat and reading a book while sipping a yogi tea.

Most days I spend my time learning, reading, researching and investigating about life, what it means to be human, happy, content and alive. I am passionate about the study of life and the inner journey. As far as I can remember, I have been asking questions about what it means to be human for the last 25 years. I remember as a 5 years old girl, I was already asking why I was human and why I was here.

Christine Murphy, Life Coach

I am like a sponge that never seems to get filled up!

My coaching style is real and authentic. I will do just about anything to help you reach your goals. As a certified Life Coach I truly feel privileged and grateful that I can live my dream by assisting you in finding your gifts in a unique way, my way. I use a series of exercises, stories, readings and meditation as well as good old fashioned talking and listening to get a sense of what resonates with you.

I would like you to be able to look back years after you have reached your goals, and reminisce about how you enjoyed our experience together of working on your goals, and that you know you will always have me on your cheerleading team.

Get To Know Me Better

A few of my heroes

  1. My father who passed in 1969. He gave me the foundation of who I am today.
  2. Einstein for truly having come up with some of the best expressions that we still use today about life (ask me my favorite when we meet) and his incredible genius.
  3. Thomas Edison. His teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything. Edison was fired from his first two jobs and put in over 1000 unsuccessful attempts at the light bulb before he got it. WOW I have so much respect.
  4. George S. Patton. This man was the ultimate leader and this is just one of his true messages: "A winner loves a challenge, a winner knows they will win, when something gets thrown at them they get fired up."

What do I do in my leisure time?

  1. In the winter my favorite is just some good old fashioned down time, good food, some quality TV and cuddles with Bella the cat.
  2. In the summer you will most likely find me on my screened porch away from the bugs and when the bugs aren’t so bad, I will be in the garden tending to what will become my summer salads.
  3. Cooking. I love being in the kitchen and creating new healthy meals.
  4. Watching old movies (nothing after 1945 please). Casablanca is my favourite.
  5. Reading British murder mysteries are my favourite if I am not absorbing something related to my love of human happiness.

What I am working on now

  1. Getting to my goal weight.
  2. Buying more land and building my dream home (no more than 800 sq ft. please).
  3. Spending four to six months annually in the Caribbean living on a boat next to my bestie, her husband and son.