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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Nancy D

A Client Story...

I have had the pleasure of knowing Christine for almost 25 years.  I was drawn to her by the joy that beams out of her and her love of life.  Even under difficult circumstances her love of life always rose to the top.  Anyone who knows Christine has experienced that joy, and if you are around her for any length of time you will be blessed to hear that joy bubble up in one of her unforgettable belly laughs that comes from so deep within her beautiful soul.

I am so thrilled Christine has taken this leap of faith to share her gifts, her experiences and her incredible knowledge with the world. For whatever reason you have come to this moment of being here on Christine’s website, know you have been given a gift, Christine is a treasure and she has so much to share that will help you make your world and the universe a more joyful and beautiful place. 

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